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Please see below a selection of testimonials from my clients.
"I contacted Emma when I began getting headaches during early pregnancy. I found Emma, her treatment room & her whole approach very warm & welcoming, and after a good discussion she suggested a course of Indian head massages. I can honestly say that after even the first session, Emma became my saviour! My headaches eased & after once weekly sessions they stopped altogether. Despite this I continued to see Emma throughout the rest of my pregnancy as I really valued the relaxation benefits & 'timeout'. I would not hesitate in recommending Emma as a practitioner - she is friendly, calming, professional & offers a calm oasis at her home." Emma (May 2012)   "Emma is an amazing and attentive massage therapist. I have been
dealing with chronic upper back and neck pain which result in migraine
headaches the past few years. I was impressed upon my first
consultation with Emma as she really listened to my pain. She
immediately worked with me to find trigger points that released the
tension and had immediate results. My range of motion has improved and
my headaches have decreased drastically. I would recommend Emma to
anyone as you will not find a better caring, professional and thorough
massage therapist." Cara (May 2012)
"Emma is extremely professional. She always takes the time to assess my needs, evaluate the last treatment and tailors each session to tackle my problem areas. I have had back and shoulder problems for many years and with Emma's massage therapy this is the first time in years that I no longer notice those problems or suffer with stiffness. I can't praise her enough." Polly (May 2012)   "Healing Hands - I first visited Emma with a back and shoulder problem and admired her professional manner and calming atmosphere. She discussed and explained the condition, using illustrations from books which helped me to understand fully. With Emma’s care and attention the problem has improved and I now attend regularly for massages. I enjoy the benefits of her skills and leave in a relaxed and refreshed state - in body and mind!" J Jones (August 2011)
"I have been having two weekly aromatherapy massage with Emma for 18 months and still look forward to the treatment every time. Emma has created a very attentive and calming environment in her treatment room and tailors every treatment to my needs at the time. I find her treatment helps me gets through whatever I am facing that week and are very beneficial to my overall well being.  I would recommend Emma to anyone." Y Davis (June 2011)   “ Emma has been my reflexology therapist for a few months now…. is very professional and relaxing…..confirmed some things I knew and some that I didn’t. I have a tight muscle in my shoulder, the reflexology helped me relax, I was amazed that after I left, it felt like I had had a shoulder massage and Emma never touched my shoulder.  After Emma’s magic touch I feel wonderful and totally stress free. If I could afford it, I would employ Emma on a daily basis, I cannot recommend her enough. “ Justine (May 2012)
"The treatment room is warm and comfortable. Emma made me feel very relaxed and welcome. She is very knowledgeable and used many different movements, especially while releasing the tension in my upper back (no easy task!). I am looking forward to my next treatment immensely." N.R. (Sept 2011)   "Emma's back, neck and shoulder massages work wonders. She works deep into the muscles and adapts each massage depending on what she finds and what I feel I need. I always feel much more relaxed and comfortable after a session. Highly recommended." Jo (Sept 2011)
".. I found a warm, clean and relaxing environment waiting for me. Emma's calm and professional manner put me at ease. I chose to have full body massage to not only help with the lymphedema but also to deal with the stresses of running two businesses. Even after the first session I started to notice a difference. I left feeling very relaxed and stress free. The next day my leg was less swollen. Fortnightly visits & Emma's magical hands have done wonders to my leg and kept me calm and able to deal with the stresses of a very busy life. I would recommend Emma to anyone." Julie (Sept 2011)   "..........I came to see you for Reflexology back in Jan/Feb prior to my IVF treatment in London.  I am pleased to say that I am 6 months pregnant and I wanted to send you an email thank you as I am sure that the treatment you administered certainly contributed to the success in someway. I was certainly more calm going into the treatment that's for sure and feel that reflexology combined with acupuncture certainly was the right relaxation for me. I just wished you could have been mobile enough to travel to London throughout the treatment at times!! " I.M. (August 2011)
"I have been having reflexology with Emma and find it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I find reflexology restful and relaxing and come away feeling very calm and rested." Shelagh (July 2011)   'Emma has set a very calm, warm and relaxing atmosphere in her treatment room. She is always friendly and caring but very professional. I love having a back, shoulder and head massage and come away feeling totally relaxed and stress free, sheer bliss.' Sue (Sept 2011)